I will personally select a certified translator or interpreter for the language in question

Court translation, official stamped translation, certified translation, sworn translation. These are all names for one and the same type of translation required by state authorities, banks and other institutions.

I can quickly select

a suitable certified translator or interpreter.

I am perfectly familiar with the world of translation and interpreting. Thanks to my detailed knowledge, I can quickly react and explain everything. It doesn’t matter which language it is. I try to find the solution with you. If you need a contract, a diploma, a bank statement or any certificate translated in no time, you have come to the right place. We are fast, precise, discreet.

We translate

for companies and individuals.

Law and real estate agencies, developers and construction companies, universities, as well as individuals who need to translate official translations, technical translations, birth certificates, CVs, extracts from registers, certified translations and other official documents. We provide translations and interpreting services at notaries, registry offices, weddings and police stations. We can translate bank statements or help you when you are applying for a visa. It doesn’t matter which language it is.

Annually we process more than 500

certified translations from various languages.

You will save time and gain more than 20 years of experience and practice with Martina Levey. I always look for a solution tailor-made for you. With professional precision, discreetly, and efficiently. Legal and certified translations are the foundations of our translation work. We can translate contracts within 24 hours. Shorter translations, especially of English to Czech and vice versa, including certified translations, can be done within a day.

I am a translator and interpreter

of English and Czech.

I work with a team of top translators of many language combinations. I have provided translations into various languages, including Hebrew, Albanian, Vietnamese, Arabic or Turkish. English is our constant and my specialty; German, French, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian are also translated frequently. Less common languages such as Greek, Croatian, Romanian or Hungarian are no exception.

With many years of experience, I am recommended and verified by the Home Office UK as a reliable translator and interpreter. I am often contacted by UK citizens who are applying for visa in the Czech Republic as well as individuals planning to travel to UK and need to go through the immigration process. 

When do you need a certified translation and why?

Certified translation, stamped translation, official translation, sworn translation.

In which cases do you need an official translation? When do you need to contact a certified translator? When is an ordinary translation not enough? You will be informed by the competent authority that they require an official translation or interpreting. Different rules and laws apply in each country. I will be happy to advise you and explain how to proceed, but, of course, the authority has the final say. Please, see practical examples below.

The certified translation made by the court-appointed translator is firmly attached to the original (or a certified copy) of your document. In the Czech Republic the translation is usually tied with a tricolour string. The translator’s clause (declaration) is attached at the end of the translation and certifies that the appointed court translator has personally translated the attached document and that the translation agrees directly with the original. From 2021, electronic certified translation is also possible in the Czech Republic, however only by agreement with the competent authority. It is important that your official stamped translation is accepted by the authority that requested the translation.

You might be wondering where to start when it comes to translating legal documents and obtaining certified translations. Don’t worry. Getting your legal or official documents translated doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated. By following these 4 simple steps, you can approach the process with confidence.

Practical examples: Translation of official documents and interpreting

You are applying for your dream job in Europe, or you want to study abroad and you need to provide proof of your educational qualifications (GCSEs, university degrees, curriculum).  This means you need nostrification in the Czech Republic.

In general, nostrification is the recognition of a foreign diploma by the domestic authorities. The Czech Republic requires applicants to provide a copy of their degree, secondary education diploma or certificate of complete professional qualification which should be equal to the equivalent Czech qualification. The process varies dependent on the country of origin. Read more in my blog.

Or you want to get married in the Czech Republic, you need to translate birth certificates, certificates of no impediment to marry, and possibly a divorce decree. Read more about tying the knot in my blog. 

You have to go the Foreign Police since you moved from UK, U.S., Australia or other countries to the Czech Republic and you will be interviewed due to the immigration process.  In all these cases an official translation or interpreting is required.

If you are applying for a visa outside the EU and need to translate bank statements,  lease  agreements, your employment contract. You need to have all these documents translated accurately and certified by a translation clause with an official stamp – so you need to have a certified translation from a court-appointed translator who is recommended by the Home Office (and yes, it´s me).

Certified translations tailored for you

Have the certified translation done by Translations Levey. The stress of finding a suitable translator and the hassle of the entire process of official court translation will be taken away. If you are outside Prague or live abroad, you can send the documents by post or courier service upon agreement. We will send you back the translations the same way.

Is it possible to translate only a part of the document? Yes, it is not necessary to translate the entire document after consultation with the court-appointed translator. However, it is necessary to give the translator the entire document so that they can carry out the translation correctly. It is important and crucial for you that the certified translation is accepted by the official authority that requested the translation. It is therefore worth not abbreviating the text, or only with caution.

The most frequently performed certified translations to many languages:

  • birth certificates, marriage certificates, documents confirming nationality, parentage, adoption

  • legal documents and deeds and official company documents – contracts, judgments, arrest warrants, laws, decrees, directives, regulations and other

  • extracts from commercial and criminal registers, bank statements

  • tax returns, financial statements, audit reports, annual reports and economic studies

  • diplomas, certificates and other evidence of education

  • translations of documents required for marriage and interpretation at the registry office and during the ceremony

Our clients say: “Marrying a foreigner in the Czech Republic is difficult – that’s how a friend discouraged me from getting married. But I did not give in and with a few months’ notice I started to prepare the wedding and the formalities connected with it. My husband-to-be was a citizen of the UK so I didn’t foresee any major problems. Disillusionment set in, however, as it tends to do, when faced with bureaucratic regulations. As we did not use a wedding agency and my fiancé does not speak Czech, I decided to approach a translation agency. The certified translation of the documents was quick and uncomplicated, Martina also gave us advice and interpreted our wedding ceremony in the Old Town Hall in Prague.”
  • With more than 20 years of translation experience I will be your personal translation and interpretation coordinator.
  • I will provide you with a trusted and reliable personal translator or interpreter.
  • You will be able to request our translation services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Short express translations will be done at no extra charge, longer translations at a discount.
  • We archive translations for several years and ensure the use a consistent terminology.

How to order translations

If possible, send us the text you need to have translated by email. We will agree on the language, the term and the price. I will be happy to help you with anything else. I will choose the best translator for you, recommend any editing or proofreading.

I will send you a translation quote usually within one hour.

When will the translation be ready? Within the agreed term. We can make shorter translations on the same day or within a few hours, including birth certificates, diplomas, bank certificates, declarations, etc. I always meet the agreed deadlines.

Send us an email to martina@preklady-levey.cz , call our office in Prague 7, or by personal arrangement, stop by for an excellent coffee and a stunning view of the whole of Prague.

Four-eye rule. When working on translations in my agency this is a matter-of-fact rule which is included in the price for translation. Two excellent translators, two pairs of eyes, work together on one translation. The first one translates the document, the second one checks it. Accuracy is guaranteed, or actually, the translation quality doubles.