I will personally select and recommend an interpreter who will not let you down

Describe your vision and ideas in detail. We provide top-quality interpreting services for business meetings, at government offices, at the notary or the registry office. A professional and representative team of interpreters headed by Martina Levey.

Our interpreting services are at the top professional level. You can fully concentrate on  negotiations with your foreign partners and focus on the development of your business.

Clients include variously sized companies, law firms, property development and construction companies, universities, government bodies and individuals. For example, people who need help with a presentation, interpreting at the notary or during negotiations . We often work with middle and senior management in business meetings. We are discreet and professional.

I have been working with languages for a long time and I use English actively every day. I am an interpreter and translator of English and Czech. I work with a team of experienced colleagues of various language combinations. I supervise our assignments no matter which language it is. For each client, I find out their requirements and recommend a suitable and trusted interpreter accordingly.

I like to interpret difficult business meetings (I am also a court interpreter), and  I am often involved in family law (child custody, divorce) and criminal cases. My love job is interpreting in gastronomy and travel.

A large part of our work is certified interpreting. If you want to get married in the Czech Republic, you need to translate birth certificates, certificates of no impediment to marry, and possibly a divorce decree. Read more about tying the knot in my blog.  You are required to go the Foreign Police since you moved to the Czech Republic and you will be interviewed, or to the local Registry Office to register your new-born.  In all these cases an official translating or interpreting is required.

Our clients say: “Marrying a foreigner in the Czech Republic is difficult – that’s how a friend discouraged me from getting married. But I did not give in and with a few months’ notice I started to prepare the wedding and the formalities connected with it. My husband-to-be was a citizen of the UK so I didn’t foresee any major problems. Disillusionment set in, however, as it tends to do, when faced with bureaucratic regulations. As we did not use a wedding agency and my fiancé does not speak Czech, I decided to approach a translation agency. The certified translation of the documents was quick and uncomplicated, Martina also gave us advice and interpreted our wedding ceremony in the Old Town Hall in Prague.”

Types of interpreting

Consecutive interpreting
Consecutive interpreting is often used in business meetings, training or short lectures and presentations. The speaker talks in shorter sections, pausing to give the interpreter time to translate the content of the speech. In this way, the interpreter does not speak at the same time as the speaker.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting means that the interpreter translates as the words are spoken by the speaker. The interpreter actually speaks at the same time as the speaker, using interpreting technical tools. You know this type of interpreting from conferences, where interpreters sit in interpreting booths, listen to speech in headphones, and interpret into a microphone almost immediately. Simultaneous interpreting is very demanding, there are always two interpreters working in the booth, who take turns after a maximum of 30 minutes.

Official (certified) interpreting (also sworn or court interpreting)

Certified interpretating is required by, for example, courts, police, notaries, banks or registry offices. It has to be carried out by an interpreter who is appointed by a court of the Czech Republic. This includes interpreting wedding ceremonies where a court interpreter must be present by law.

Our interpreting services are at the top professional level. You can fully concentrate on  negotiations with your foreign partners and focus on the development of your business.