Obrázek 1 | Levey Translations
Boost Your Language Learning Productivity with the Pomodoro Technique
In the midst of translating from Czech to English a complex case of economic fraud, maintaining focus and working efficiently to meet deadlines can be challenging. However, there's a secret weapon at hand – the Pomodoro Technique. If you're unfamiliar with this method, let me explain. Developed in the late...
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Obrázek 2 | Levey Translations
Unveiling the Origins of OK
What is the one word that most people around the world instantly recognise? It´s OK and it is surprising that linguistically it is a relative newbie, probably only about 180 years old. Words are fascinating and shape our communication and serve as vessels for ideas and thoughts. Delving into the origins...
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Obrázek 3 | Levey Translations
How to learn foreign languages fast
Who knows ...? We are all unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. I have been in the world of teaching foreign languages for ages, and I recognize that we all need a different amount of time and approach to learning.  One thing remains true: motivation, hard work and patience...
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Obrázek 4 | Levey Translations
What to do when you need certified translation
(also called official translation, sworn translations, court translations, translations with the stamp) You might be wondering where to start when it comes to translating legal documents or official records (school reports, birth certificates, visa documents etc.) and obtaining certified translations. A certified translation means that a certified translator attaches to the...
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Obrázek 5 | Levey Translations
Translation tips
Few practical translation tips and tricks. After translating something, wait at least 24 hours (until the next day) before reading the text again. We are referring to short documents - no more than a few pages. If you are translating a book or academic paper you should ideally put the...
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Obrázek 6 | Levey Translations
Thinking of tying the knot?
If you are marrying a foreigner in the Czech Republic, the wedding ceremony must be interpreted by a certified, court-appointed interpreter. Without this marriage is invalid. This means an interpreter, appointed by the Minister of Justice of the Czech Republic, has to act as an interpreter. According to Czech law,...
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The beauty of my home town Olomouc, the metropolis of the Haná region
Have you heard of the charming Czech city called Olomouc? When travelling to the Czech Republic, everyone knows and visits Prague. I come from the Eastern part of the Czech Republic called Moravia, more precisely from the agricultural region called Haná. A few historical facts The first written record of...
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What is a Miranda warning or Miranda rights and how to translate it?
Sometimes translators have to act like detectives. We have to investigate and also we have to be familiar with the contemporary language. If you watch American detective series, the police say when arresting somebody: we'll read you Miranda. The wrong translation to Czech would be word by word: přečteme vám...
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Co to je nostrifikace? A proč se překládají diplomy z latiny?
What is diploma nostrification? Why are diplomas translated from Latin?
We often have to translate and officially stamp certificates and diplomas from various languages to Czech for nostrification in the Czech Republic - the process of recognising foreign education and qualifications in the Czech Republic. We similarly need to translate Czech diplomas into a foreign language. In general, nostrification is...
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Martina Levey
When women support women, amazing things happen
Mission of Petra Gatek is to empower women. She supports them on their journey and encourages them to share their story by brand mentoring and photographing. I was delighted when she asked me to be a part of her blog and give an interview about my journey, beginning of my translation business...
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