When women support women, amazing things happen

Martina Levey

Mission of Petra Gatek is to empower women. She supports them on their journey and encourages them to share their story by brand mentoring and photographing.

I was delighted when she asked me to be a part of her blog and give an interview about my journey, beginning of my translation business and experience with brand photo shooting in Prague.

We are planning to have our next photo session in London where Petra lives. I cannot wait.

From the interview:

They love it. It is always nice to know a face behind emails. Any time I start publishing photos from my new photoshoot with Petra (we have had 3), I get a lot of positive and encouraging responses. Who does not like to hear how attractive you are looking?  Petra can do miracles.

A lot of our translation work is only online, and my customers do not meet me sometimes for many years.  They know me only from photos. So, I prefer to have realistic photos on my web and social media and it does not mean me behind my desk holding a phone. I enjoy socializing, travelling, I am a food lover and I appreciate good cold beer or wine. Why to have serious photos?

Also, I am active on social media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook) and I love to scribble my own articles. Guess which one are the most popular? The ones with my photos.”

You can find the whole story below:
Brand Photographer in Prague with Martina Levey | Petra Gatto