Each translation assignment or interpreting is different and rates depend very much on the type of text, language combination and deadline. With interpreting, the individual approach applies doubly. Need a quote? Contact us. We will usually send a reply within one hour.

If possible, send the document for translation by email to martina@preklady-levey.cz. We will agree on the language and purpose of the translation, term and price.

The rate for the most common combination of languages, i.e. translation from English, German, French, Spanish to Czech and vice versa, starts roughly at EUR 0.12 per word. Certified translations are slightly more expensive.

For exotic languages (e.g. Turkish, Vietnamese, Latin) the price is higher, depending on the availability and rates of translators for the language in question. We also translate between several foreign languages.

I will choose the best translator or interpreter for you, and recommend any editing or proofreading of the text. Discreet, professional, fast.

Four-eye rule. When working on legal translations this is a matter-of-fact rule in our agency which is included in the price for translation. Two excellent translators, two pairs of eyes, work together on one translation. The first one translates the document, the second one checks it. Accuracy is guaranteed, or actually, the translation quality doubles.

When will the translation be ready? Within our agreed term. We are able to make shorter translations to Czech or English within a day or within a few hours, including birth certificates, diplomas, bank statements, contracts, etc. I always meet the agreed deadlines.

Differences between translation and interpreting

Do you want to translate a customer guide to German, information about new products to Dutch? You need a translation.

If you need to communicate, for example, you need to negotiate the terms of importing a new product from Poland, you want to show a visitor from France your new offices, or you need to go for an interview regarding your visa application at the Foreign police, then you need an interpreter.

What is a translation clause? Certified translation includes a translation clause confirming that the translation corresponds exactly to the original. The translator’s clause as a declaration is added at the end of the translation and certifies that the appointed court translator has personally translated the attached document and that the translation corresponds to the original.

Efficient translation solutions

  • Do you need to translate documents with technical terminology not commonly used?
  • Do you have non-standard translation requirements?
  • Are your translations demanding? Do you have legal contracts and professional documents to be translated to several languages?
  • Are you short of time and need professional translation assistance?

Feel free to contact us.

I am a certified translator and interpreter of English and Czech in Prague, Czech Republic. I can quickly provide official English interpretation at the authorities, courts, police or quickly translate birth certificates and diplomas. I will provide a reliable translator, translate your documents. It does not matter which language is involved.

Each order is specific, the price of translation depends in its complexity. I will guide you through the maze of translations like no one else.

Become our regular customer, get the benefits

  • With more than 20 years of translation experience I will be your personal translation and interpretation coordinator.
  • I will provide you with a trusted and reliable personal translator or interpreter.
  • You will be able to request translation services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Short express translations will be done at no extra charge, longer translations at a discount.
  • We archive translations for several years and ensure that we use a consistent terminology.

Send an email to martina@preklady-levey.cz , call or by personal appointment, stop by our offices for an excellent coffee and a stunning view of the whole city.