Make our translations unique and high-quality

Save your time and energy and gain more than 20 years of experience and practice from Martina Levey. I am always looking for a solution tailor-made for you. With expert precision, discretion, and efficiency.

We offer

many language combinations.

We provide translation and interpreting in many different language combinations for companies and individuals. Most often we translate from/into English, Czech, German, Polish, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian.

Levey Translations rank among the most

experienced translation agencies on the market.

Our clients include large and small companies and individuals. Law and real estate firms, developers, construction companies, universities, insurance companies. For individuals we translate a variety of documents – birth certificates, diplomas, marriage certificates, CVs, extracts from registers, bank statements. We also translate presentations, invitations or emails. Whatever, whenever, wherever – we will translate it.

We look for solutions with you.

And it doesn't matter which language it’s in.

Do you need to quickly translate a lease contract from German, a diploma from your studies for nostrification or a birth certificate for a Czech wedding? No problem. Or do you need to translate the latest email from your customer in Poland, a machine manual from Italian, or send a business proposal to the Czech Republic as quickly as possible because of new payment terms? This is also our business.

I am a translator and interpreter

of English and Czech.

I work with a team of top translators in many language combinations. Yet I oversee every job – I  care about results. We are flexible, fast, and precise at all times. Legal and certified translations are the foundations of our translation work. Short translations from Czech to English and vice versa, including court (official) translations, can be done within a day.


With many years of experience, I am recommended by the British Embassy as a reliable court translator and interpreter. This means that I am often contacted by UK citizens for certified (official) translations to English or Czech – birth or marriage certificates, diplomas or employment and lease contracts that UK citizens need for residence permits, registration of a child, nostrification, passport processing and similar matters.

We are happy to carry out everyday translations, marketing materials, presentations, websites, letters, emails, offers or CVs, technical manuals, as well as specialised professional articles.

List of languages

English, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Slovak, Greek, Dutch, Albanian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Bosnian, Turkish, Finnish, Swedish, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Uzbek, Vietnamese and more.

The most frequent legal translations to many languages

  • legal documents and deeds – contracts, judgments, warrants, laws and regulations, directives and other official documents

  • translations of company incorporation documents – memorandum and articles of association, extracts from commercial registers, notarial deeds

  • tax returns, financial statements, audit reports, annual reports, tenders, economic reports and studies

  • all types of official documents – birth and marriage certificates, extracts from commercial and criminal registers, diplomas and certificates for nostrification, bank statements

  • translations of documents required for marriage and interpretation at the registry office and at the wedding ceremony

  • With more than 20 years of translation experience I will be your personal translation and interpretation coordinator.
  • I will provide you with a trusted and reliable personal translator or interpreter.
  • You will be able to request translation services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Short express translations will be done at no extra charge, longer translations at a discount.
  • We archive translations for several years and ensure that we use a consistent terminology.

How to order translations

If possible, send us the document you need to have translated by email. We will agree the languages, purpose of the translation, the term and price. I will be happy to help you with anything else. I will choose the best translator for you, recommend any editing or proofreading.

I will send you a translation quote usually within one hour.

When will the translation be ready? Within our agreed term. We are able to make shorter translations within a day or within a few hours, including birth certificates, diplomas, bank statements, contracts, etc. I always meet the agreed deadlines.

Send an e-mail to martina@preklady-levey.cz, call or, by personal arrangement, stop by for excellent coffee and a stunning view of the whole of Prague.

We are experts in translation of financial statements, audits and basically any accounting and financial documents to English, since our long-term English proof-reader is a practising ICAEW Chartered Accountant. If you need translation of such documents, you will be in good and safe hands with us.