Translation agency

Martina Levey, Owner

I have been in the world of languages for a long time. Whether it is court and legal translations, interpreting, translation services, language teaching or individual tutoring.

I studied English and Czech at Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic. I am a professional translator, interpreter and lecturer of English.

I am been following my dream. I speak English and use English actively every day. You never know who you will meet and where you will wander thanks to your knowledge of a foreign language. I have travelled the world. I do work that I enjoy immensely, meet interesting people, and learn new things. I have found a life partner. An Englishman from London, of course.

I run a boutique translation agency in Prague, Czech Republic, where we provide translations and interpreting into many languages. A personal, professional and fair approach is my priority.

My working days are colourful and varied. I am either concentrating on translating contracts, judgments, or I am interpreting an interesting business meeting, a wedding or maybe a police interview. Most of all, I love to run my translation agency. I communicate with each client personally, teach private English lessons, and regularly post on social media. Read more about interesting facts from the world of languages and translation tips in My blog.

Who is behind the translation agency?

I am the founder and owner of the agency, a translator, interpreter and teacher of English and Czech. English has always been my hobby and passion. With my years of experience I am one of the leading experts in the field of legal English and Czech.

  • I am an active member of the Chamber of Court Translators and Interpreters, Czech Republic.
  • I regularly participate in events and conferences at home and abroad.
  • I work exclusively with experienced and trusted translators and interpreters.
  • My company is one of the longest established translation companies on the market.
  • I offer top class and fast service, professional and personal consultation, discretion.
  • Due to my approach to business, we have 75% of our customers by referral.
I personally supervise every order. It doesn’t matter what language you need translations or interpreting into. With my team, we work in 27 world languages.