Translation agency

Martina Levey, Owner

I’ve always been drawn to languages. First learning, then speaking and translating them.

Armed with a first-class English and Czech degree (Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic), I set about building a career as a professional translator, interpreter and English lecturer.  And I’ve been very privileged to have established a language-based business.

Whether I’m involved in court and legal translations, interpreting, translation services, language teaching or individual tutoring, I have the skills and the appetite to do it all.

My boutique agency in Prague delivers translations and interprets texts into many different languages. Providing a professional yet personal service through a fair, creative and consistent approach is at the heart of what I do.

From day to day, my work is colourful and varied. I may be briefed with translating contracts, then it might be court judgments and next I could be interpreting an interesting business meeting, a wedding or even police interviews. Most of all, I enjoy running my thriving agency where I interact with clients on a personal level and regularly post on social media.

As a dedicated language tutor, I specialise in teaching English conversations and Czech to foreigners. With a focus on real-life situations, I provide invaluable insights and tips that go beyond traditional classroom learning.

There is no language challenge I cannot solve!

I am a keen traveler; I fell under the spell of Greece and I am bravely learning Greek. Magical London and England hold a special place in my heart. I love meeting and connecting with new people, discovering new places and collecting experiences.

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Who is behind the translation agency?

I am the founder and owner of the agency, a translator, interpreter and teacher of English and Czech. English has always been my hobby and passion. With my years of experience I am one of the leading experts in the field of legal English and Czech.

  • I am an active member of the Chamber of Court Translators and Interpreters, Czech Republic.
  • I regularly participate in events and conferences at home and abroad.
  • I work exclusively with experienced and trusted translators and interpreters.
  • My company is one of the longest established translation companies on the market.
  • I offer top class and fast service, professional and personal consultation, discretion.
  • Due to my approach to business, we have 75% of our customers by referral.
I personally supervise every order. It doesn’t matter what language you need translations or interpreting into. With my team, we work in 27 world languages.